The romea strata

The millennium way

Older than the famous road to Santiago de Compostela, the Romea Strata is also an ancient route. It goes in the direction of Rome: covering 1,400 kilometres of spectacular landscapes, with every stop along the way having something special to tell. Years of hard work to rediscover its identity through organization and mapping has now brought it back into the limelight. This 1,000 year old road has now been returned to its original purpose: A legacy which unites countries and people, a geographical destination and a personal goal; an opportunity to see the wonders of nature, beautiful art, fascinating historical sights and precious regional traditions. Whatever your reason for taking part in this project, walking the Romea Strata is a once in a lifetime experience.


Throughout its 90 year history, Zamberlan© has always believed in the energy generated by walking along the way, leaving behind all that we know and following the natural rhythm of our steps.

Following in the footsteps of others and leaving your own, has its own appeal and fascination, making it one of the most intense personal experiences possible.

For this reason, Zamberlan has decided to support the re-opening and promotion of the Romea Strata, the 1,000 year old road that symbolically represents the origin of all walking routes.

Zamberlan invites hikers from all around the world to get walking, to discover it step by step, because the walk itself is the destination. Join us!

The ROMEA STRATA faithfully follows the ancient road network from northeast Italy in the direction of Rome. Connecting the major routeways that come from Central Eastern Europe to the Francigena Way, it gives modern day pilgrims a different view of Italy. Breathtaking landscapes, strikingly beautiful places and artistic gems, all of which can be seen on foot.

Every stage is a discovery in itself. 


The Romea Strata GTX Boot has been developed for hiking. Combining lightness, versatility and high-quality materials, it naturally follows rhythms of a journey on foot and tackling long distances across different types of terrain in variable weather conditions.

  • TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN: Constant comfort on long walks.
  • FINE ITALIAN LEATHER: Natural raw materials that guarantee adaptability and breathability.
  • GORE-TEX LININGS: Breathable, waterproofed linings.
  • EVA WEDGES: To absorb impact.
  • VIBRAM SOLES: To ensure a firm grip on all terrain.

Walk with The Romea Strata GTX Boot along the ancient Romea Strata. Go to to download and save the stopping places on your GPS device, GPX/ KZ files and elevation profiles. The walk is marked by signposts and arrows. 2 guides have been published in Italian: "La Romea Strata, vie di pellegrinaggio dal Nord-Est Italia verso Roma" by the Italian Touring Club and "La Via Romea Strata in bicicletta" by Ediciclo Editore

ROMEA STRATA GTX - ZAMBERLAN Chaussures de randonnée - brown



ZAMBERLAN Chaussures de randonnée

€ 149,00

ROMEA STRATA GTX est une chaussure de trekking conçue pour les voyages légendaires, nommée d'après la route millénaire du même nom menant à Rome. Pour marcher sur de longues distances dans des conditions météorologiques différentes, il est essentiel de porter des chaussures imperméables et dotées d'un excellent amorti. La ROMEA STRATA GTX est idéale pour suivre les rythmes naturels de la marche et pour affronter de nombreux kilomètres, différents types de terrains et diverses conditions météorologiques. La doublure GORE-TEX rend la tige en cuir italien fin imperméable et respirante, tandis que la cale en EVA aide à absorber les impacts. La semelle Vibram® Pillow garantit un bon maintien sur tous les terrains. ZAMBERLAN® PROMEUT LES STRATES DE ROMEA Au cours de ses 90 ans d'histoire, Calzaturificio Zamberlan® a toujours cru au pouvoir régénérant de partir en voyage, de quitter les frontières connues en suivant le rythme naturel des pas. Marcher dans les pas des autres et quitter les siens a le charme et l'intensité des expériences les plus prenantes. C'est pourquoi, à partir de 2019, Zamberlan® a décidé de soutenir la renaissance et la promotion de la Romea Strata, l'itinéraire millénaire qui représente symboliquement l'origine de tous les chemins. Zamberlan® invite les marcheurs du monde entier à partir à sa découverte, pas à pas. Parce que le chemin est le but. Chaque paire vendue soutient la renaissance de la Romea Strata. Pour maintenir l'imperméabilité de la chaussure dans le temps, nous recommandons d'appliquer le ZAMBERLAN® BALSAMO SPRAY HYDROBLOC®.