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Handmade leather lifestyle shoes developed in Italy using the Goodyear special construction technique, which consists in sewing the upper part of the shoe to the insole together with a strip of leather (also known as a "welt"). The seam that is obtained also secures the upper and lining.
These lifestyle shoes are fitted with a Vibram® Gumlite outsole, which offers improved grip on flat and smooth surfaces. Its cushioning properties are ideal for those who enjoy long walks or stand on their feet for most of the day. The 1136 GARMISH GW lifestyle footwear is the perfect product for those who look for elegance, quality and comfort, both in the city and out of town, and for those who care for the environment and the wholesomeness of the product.  In fact, the leather insole is manufactured according to the Goodyear method without the use of chrome.
The upper is made using prestigious Tuscan leathers, made waterproof by the Hydrobloc® treatment. treatment. The box contains a second set of coloured laces to customize the shoes according to your taste.
Hydrobloc®Full Grain Waxed Leather
Soft calf leather
Cromium Free Leather 4mm
Vibram® Gumlite
40-48 half sizes